Commercial Interior

Commercial projects include a broad spectrum of spaces where businesses are conducted. A well-designed interior conveys the company’s brand and ideology, making it a demanding task for commercial interior designers as they are focusing beyond aesthetics and functionality. 

Every commercial project is unique on its own. We listen to our clients right from the start to establish a structured and highly collaborative process. It is important to conceptualize spaces for business, to promote style, and to increase functionality to help increase the bottom line of a company. It may not seem important, but the employee needs a comfortable and relaxed setting. We seek to increase functionality and elevate style for financial gain.

Types of Commercial Interior Designing:

  • Reinstatement of a commercial unit like office, retail, or industrial
  • Retail interior design like store
  • Renovation of learning spaces like educational institutions
  • Office interior design and renovation
  • Food and beverage interior design like cafe, restaurant, bistro bar, and kiosk

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